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Chef Robert SavalyAt Altavita Village, eating is a culinary experience. Chef Robert Sevaly prepares entrees using the freshest ingredients. Residents’ preferences are important to us. The daily menu is customized keeping you in mind. There are always multiple dishes to choose from each day. For example:


Breakfast generally includes your choice of farm fresh eggs and freshly shredded hash browns cooked golden brown. Fruits and pastries are always on the menu. And there is plenty of protein to help get your day started.


At lunch, you have your choice of the dining room or deli. Try something new like chicken masala, or enjoy the comforts of macaroni prepared with tangy cheddar. The homemade soup is always hot, and you can expect a healthy dose of Omega 3 multiple times a week when you choose trout, sole or the Chef’s choice of fish.


pork tenderloinDinner time isn’t just about the food, it’s about the company! While you enjoy a hearty steak prepared to perfection, or a baked pasta dish, you will catch up with your friends. Socialization, friendship and laughter add to the dining experience – and are also good for your health.

Seafood and Citrus, Episode 1: Seared Scallop Salad
Seafood and Citrus, Episode 2: Shrimp Stuffed Chili Relleno
Seafood and Citrus, Episode 3: Seared Ahi Burger

Before coming to Altavita Village, Chef Robert Sevaly, CEC, worked as executive chef of The Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs, CA, training with Food Network Iron Chef, Jose Garces.

Chef Robert has a rich history of work and life experience, as well as awards to validate his success. His journey into culinary arts began as a deck hand on a fishing boat in San Diego. There he learned the craft of filleting the day’s catch. He later entered the L.A. Culinary Institute, where he received top honors and was the first student to receive a California Restaurant Writers Association scholarship. Upon graduating, Chef Robert began work at the Hotel Del Coronado, where he often cooked for celebrities. He was later offered a position at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in La Jolla at their signature restaurant, Café Japengos. In April 1999, Chef Robert moved to the Catamaran Resort Hotel, where he earned the Evens Hotels President’s Cup 2000.

In 2005, Chef Robert became a celebrity himself by opening The Cooking Store in Riverside, starting his own local television show called Flavor of Riverside, and publishing his first cookbook called Good Cooking. He served as the ACF Certification Chairman for the American Culinary Federation – Inland Empire Chapter.

In 2014, Chef Robert received the honor of Certified Executive Chef (CEC) from the American Culinary Federation.

Chef Robert’s love of food and cooking is ever-advancing.  He has traveled throughout Southeast Asia to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia and China to study their cuisines. He says, “My passion for food comes from being able to explore new territories and theories, while holding on to the traditions and ideals of the past.”

Chef Robert takes pride in being able to provide a wide array of cuisines from around the world to appeal to the residents at Altavita Village.


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