Mr. and Mrs. Ashley

It’s not about getting older or wiser-it’s about getting happier…living here is all about friends and the camaraderie.

— Mr. & Mrs. Ashley

We love the active lifestyle and all amenities here. Altavita Village has relieved us of the burden of homeownership and we felt we were giving a gift to our daughter.

— Mr. & Mrs. Baltazar

Peace of mind for my family with friendships and new beginnings.

— R. Solander

I was tired of maintain my home. I am very happy here.

— L. Laine

As a widow, I wanted to join a community. The Altavita Village staff is excellent and the friends I have made here make me love where I live.

— B.Henry

Five and half years most satisfied resident.

— C. Hale

Our goal was to be secure, safe and closer to our family.

— Mr. & Mrs. Stotts

I was looking for a security blanket including the on-site health care and continuing care offered at Altavita Village.

— J. Felker

Mr. and Mrs. Smith with their motorcycle

Our kids encouraged us to be here. The goal was to be secure, safe and closer to our family.

— Mr. & Mrs. Smith

We feel so free and safe here.

— J. Lawson

We have traveled all of the western United States and have investigated 17 other CCRCS. After touring [Altavita] and the consultant answering all my detailed questions, Altavita Village came out on top!

— D. Fowler

Having dad here alleviates me of worry, [in addition to] all the wonderful amenities here.

— D. Baylow

I moved here for the security of onsite health care.

— B. Palmer

It’s all about the people! We are extremely happy with our new friends.

— Mr. & Mrs. Heck

I was sold with my house; the yard and view are wonderful. It feels like home.

— J. Wittress

Mr and Mrs Brophy

We did it for the kids so they wouldn’t have to worry about our future.

— Mr. & Mrs. Brophy

Colonel Ralph E. Leighton (1913-2001) and Mrs. Helen Leighton moved to Altavita Village (formerly Air Force Village West) in November of 1989 from the San Francisco Bay Area. My father read about Altavita Village from an advertisement in Army Times magazine. He asked mom if she felt like a road trip to Southern California to check the place out and she said yes. Twenty-five years later mom is still a resident.

My first visit occurred one month after move-in day. Mom and dad were very excited to show the place off. I felt at home immediately in their beautiful home and enjoyed meeting all of their friends they had known from years in the military and from up north. I felt as if I had inherited another family. I would also like to mention that throughout this time the dining facilities remain superb. The grounds are beautiful, well kept, and safe for evening strolls.

Altavita offers a high quality of life at all levels. My mother is currently a resident in the Assisted Living Unit where the level of care alleviates any concern with regards to her well being. The nursing staff is excellent and attentive to the needs of the residents without being over-bearing.

Kindness, a cooperative attitude, and serving those who served our Country is truly the mission of Altavita Village. This is more than a community and a place to live.

— J. Bazemore